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News entries

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New packages

cura-binary-data4.7.1More information
python-trimesh3.8.10More information
python-pyinstrument-cext0.2.2More information
libCharon4.7.1More information
libSavitar4.7.1-0.85abbecMore information
cura-engine4.7.1More information
cura4.7.1More information
uranium4.7.1More information
python-pyinstrument3.2.0More information
libArcus4.7.1-0.3925125More information

Removed packages

No removed packages

Version changes

No version changes

Lint warnings

python-pyinstrument (version: 3.2.0)

New warningdescription

Validate package descriptions

sentences in description should be followed by two spaces; possible infraction at 30

python-trimesh (version: 3.8.10)

New warninginputs-should-not-be-input

Identify inputs that shouldn't be inputs at all

'python-setuptools' should probably not be an input at all

uranium (version: 4.7.1)

New warningformatting

Look for formatting issues in the source

parentheses feel lonely, move to the previous or next line